On-Demand Leadership develops leaders.

How leaders are grown is no mystery. Leaders need to know some core leadership competencies (LEARN). They need a chance to exercise those competencies in meaningful roles (DO). And they need a way to extract lessons from successes and failures when they put the leadership competencies into action (REFLECT). That’s LEARN↔DO↔REFLECT, and you can remember it as LDR if you like. That’s how leaders are developed.

Growing smart, conscientious, and adaptable leaders has never been more important, as we face serious challenges at every level of society from the household up to the global community. Our shared future depends on competent, resolute, and ethical leadership across the spectrum.

The good news, as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, is that what lies in front of us is no match for what’s inside of us. Now is the time to develop our collective leadership capacity.

Leadership Development

Our leader training programs are like sundaes: they are really good, no two are exactly alike, and you get to pick the pieces: number of training sessions, coaching slots, and facilitation sessions, and which assessments you want.

Organizational Assessments

We measure all kinds of stuff at ODL. Employee engagement. Communication bottlenecks. Organizational culture. Employee Strengths. Most influential departments. Informal leaders. Bicep size (just kidding on that last one).

Leadership Classes

Laugh and learn—that’s our credo—because there’s no excuse for boring training. Whether you need one day of training or you are looking for a more intensive leader development program–we’ve got you covered.

Change Initiatives

Bad news: Organizational change saps more energy than that nutty friend of yours from high school. Good news: We know how to help—with org change, that is…you are on your own with your crazy friend.

Leader Coaching

Lady Gaga has a coach. So does Roger Federer. Why don’t you? You want to get better, right? Well, you need unbiased and routine feedback from someone with your unique personality and circumstances in mind.

Facilitation Services

Things been a bit jacked-up at the office lately? Having trouble climbing out of a hole? We can help. Our expert facilitators gather your people and channel their best intentions to take the thorns out of challenging problems.