Managment Muse Podcast, listen now
Management Muse Podcast, listen now
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Strategic Planning

Psst…wanna know a secret? Most strategic plans aren’t strategic. Doh! How is this possible? Simple: Strategy is hard work, and it’s easier to roll-up a list of well-intentioned, but disconnected, goals than sweat it out over your organizational strategy.

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Leadership Development

Our leader training programs are like sundaes: they are really good, no two are exactly alike, and you get to pick the pieces: number of training sessions, coaching slots, facilitation sessions, and the assessments you want.

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Executive Team Building

Please keep your work band together. Unfortunately, that’s sometimes harder than it looks. Even the Beatles, as talented and successful as they were, eventually fell apart. Don’t let that happen to your important work teams.

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Organizational Assessments

We measure all kinds of stuff at ODL. Employee engagement. Communication bottlenecks. Organizational culture. Employee Strengths. Most influential departments. Informal leaders. Bicep size (just kidding on that last one).

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Facilitation Services

Things been a bit jacked-up at the office lately? Having trouble climbing out of a hole? We can help. Our expert facilitators gather your people and channel their best intentions to take the thorns out of challenging problems.

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Leader Coaching

Who taught Patrick Swayze his moves in Dirty Dancing? A coach. Who showed Simone Biles how to do a backflip? A coach. And who’s going to help you kick some professional behind? We are.

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Change Initiatives

Bad news: Organizational change saps more energy than that nutty friend of yours from high school. Good news: We know how to help—with org change, that is…you are on your own with your crazy friend.

Leadership Classes

Laugh and learn—that’s our credo—because there’s no excuse for boring training. Whether you need one day of training or you are looking for a more intensive leader development program–we’ve got you covered.


Stop what you are doing and call On-Demand Leadership immediately. They are the best.

Ned Lavelle
Co-founder and Co-owner, Pinthouse Pizza

How can people so smart be so much fun to listen to? With freaky insight, cutting-edge science, and tons of brainpower, On-Demand Leadership unlocks solutions you couldn't see before, in ways you didn't think to consider. They are amazing.

Les Stephens
Fire Chief, San Marcos, TX, and Vice President of the Texas Fire Chiefs Association

Dollar for dollar, the best consulting and training you can buy. Worth their weight in gold.

Manuel Morin
General Manager Evans Consoles, Forrmer Managing Director of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Want to laugh and learn? Want a stronger organization? Want your people to feel like they are a part of something incredibly special? Call On-Demand Leadership. I speak from both personal and organizational experience - their experts provide the burst of momentum you need, right when you need it.

John Henderson
CEO of the Texas Assn of Rural and Community Hospitals, and Former CEO of Childress Regional Medical Center

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