Geoffrey Tumlin
Consultant and President

  • President of On-Demand Leadership, CEO of Mouthpeace Consulting LLC, and Board Chair of Critical Skills Nonprofit.
  • Ph.D. and M.A. in communication from UT Austin. B.S. from West Point.
  • Consults widely throughout North America; his writing has appeared in scientific journals, trade books, textbooks, newspapers, and online.
  • Served as the Assistant Director of Center for Ethical Leadership at UT Austin and as an infantry officer in Hawaii’s 25th Infantry Division.
  • Dissertation title: Communicating negative feedback in performance appraisal interviews: An experimental study.

Amy Schmisseur

  • Ph.D. in communication from UT Austin.
  • Formerly Professor at University of Kansas.
  • M.A. from U. Cincinnati. B.A., with honors, from Ohio Univ.
  • Won top teaching awards at UT Austin.
  • Has repeatedly earned top honors for academic writing from the National Communication Association.
  • Dissertation title: Beyond the client service interaction: The emotional labor of change implementers.

Jefferson Howell

  • Lieutenant General, retired, United States Marine Corps.
  • Formerly Marine Forces Commander of the Pacific.
  • Johnson Space Center Director from 2002-2005.
  • Senior Vice President, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) from 1998-2002.
  • Distinguished Graduate Alumnus of the University of Texas at Austin.

Sean Lux

  • Assistant Professor of Marketing & Assistant Director of Center for Entrepreneurship at USF in Tampa.
  • Ph.D. in management from Florida State University. MBA from Univ. of South Florida.
  • Serves as entrepreneurial advisor for numerous start-ups, and as a business advisor for established for-profit organizations.
  • Actively involved in entrepreneurial and managerial research and writing.
  • Dissertation title: Nonmarket effects on strategic fit and performance: An economic institutional change perspective.

Cindi Long Red2Cindi Baldi
Consultant and Lead Statistician

  • Ph.D. in organizational behavior from the University of Texas at Austin. M.S. in Management and MBA from UT Austin. B.S. in business from UNC Wilmington.
  • Entrepreneur and business adviser.
  • Researches and writes about organization identity and attractiveness.
  • Dissertation title: Attracting Employees:  The lure of identification inducements in the external communication of new organizations

Nate Self

  • Distinguished Afghanistan War Hero, Captain, United States Army
  • Commander of the U.S. Army Ranger Quick Reaction Force in Afghanistan
  • Awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart for Leadership Actions in Combat
  • Global Thought Leader and International Organizational Consultant
  • Honor graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point


Brian Richardson

  • Associate Professor and Graduate Studies Director at Univ. North Texas.
  • Ph.D. in communication from UT Austin, M.A. in human resources from Louisiana Tech.
  • Published widely and internationally recognized as an expert in the field of organizational wrongdoing and crisis communication.
  • Dissertation title: Talking about organizational wrongdoing: An investigation of dimensions and predictors.

Robert Isbell

  • Fire Chief of the Round Rock, Texas Fire Department.
  • M.S. in executive leadership and B.S. in Public Administration.
  • Adjunct Instructor in Business Administration at Midland College.
  • Certified mediator for civil and family legal disputes.
  • Founder of the nonprofit Permian Basin Firemen’s Fund, supporting fire service in the Permian Basin.

Rebecca Henley
Director of Operations

  • B.A. in economics from UT Austin.
  • Extensive marketing and operational experience; has worked with Geoffrey Tumlin since 2002.
  • Responsible for business operations; supervises all client-facing materials, information, and services.