On-Demand Leadership is different because we gave away our biggest secret, LEARN↔DO↔REFLECT, for free.

Building effective leaders is too important for our society to be kept under lock and key, so we offer open access to the LEARN↔DO↔REFLECT philosophy of leadership development throughout this website.

People have a tendency to unnecessarily complicate leadership, which results in too much talk about what leadership is (and isn’t), and not enough actual leadership. Leadership doesn’t need to be so complicated. Leaders accomplish meaningful things with other people.

Leadership development is the process of improving someone’s capacity to lead, and is most effectively accomplished through an integrated program of human/skills development, like LEARN↔DO↔REFLECT, that ties leadership knowledge with action and reflection.

The result of a program of intentional leadership development—the output—is better leaders.

So why start a company and then give away our biggest secret? Because improving the leadership capacity of our society (and beyond) is more important than retaining some kind of secret sauce to dribble out only to people who can pay for it.

That’s how On-Demand Leadership is different.