Find True North: Harnessing Attention in an Era of Distraction
presented by Geoffrey Tumlin
at the TORCH Annual Conference
Wednesday, April 19, 2017

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Learn more about our training and development programs designed in coordination with TORCH specifically for the needs of Rural Hospitals:

1. Hospital Development Program

$5,000 Grants from the State Office of Rural Health and TORCH cover virtually all program costs!

Make impressive improvements with a real-time, data-driven roadmap of what’s actually happening inside their hospitals, and get the answers to questions like:

Who are your most influential informal leaders?
How strong are your hospital’s shared values?
Which teams are most disconnected from you?

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2. Hospital Customer Service and Communication Improvement Program

Highly developed communication skills are essential in healthcare organizations because of the array of communication challenges (like difficult medical jargon, frequent multiparty interactions, and frequent stress and uncertainty), and because of the high-stakes nature of healthcare. Health communication errors are unusually costly, while effective communication has the potential to make an enormous positive difference in people’s lives. Research consistently demonstrates that effective communication is a major factor in patient satisfaction perceptions, global quality measures, and clinical care outcomes. Good communication is essential to good healthcare.

Lesson 1: Message Clarity & Explanations
Lesson 2: Activating Patients/Caregivers
Lesson 3: Uncertainty & Recovery
Lesson 4: Advanced Questioning Skills
Lesson 5: Communicating w/Difficult Patients
Session 6. Communicating Difficult Messages

How this Program is Different:

It’s based on the fact that a large part of what people are already doing is working. Your people select when and how to use the communication tools. There are no “scripts” to follow, so your people retain conversational flexibility. The communication ideas will improve communication throughout the hospital.

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3. Sharpen the Leadership Skills of your Management Team

Select one or more training topics and we’ll put together training customized for your needs.

Improving Accountability
Motivating Others
Improved Decision Making
Conflict Resolution
Leading with Your Strengths
Critical Thinking
Effective Communication
Building Consensus
Emotional Resilience
Stress Management
Leading Change
Negotiation Skills
Time Management
Exercising Influence
Building Teams
Delivering Bad News

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