About On-Demand Leadership’s Nonprofit Activities.

A portion of all profits from On-Demand Leadership goes to Critical Skills Nonprofit, a 501(c)(3) public charity.

Because some of the people who need leadership coaching and communication skills training the most are often the least able to pay for it, Critical Skills Nonprofit was created. Critical Skills Nonprofit provides the highest quality leadership and communication skills training for chronically underserved populations.


Who Critical Skills Nonprofit serves.

Critical Skills Nonprofit serves organizations and  individuals who have a compelling need for leadership and communication training and who would otherwise not receive assistance. Special consideration is given to marginalized or disadvantaged populations. Examples of organizations served by Critical Skills Nonprofit include, but are not limited to:

  • Burn victims or disfigured individuals who are reintegrating into society following their accidents;
  • People with disabilities of any kind who are struggling with their interpersonal communication or leadership skills;
  • Low income or chronically underserved populations;
  • Prisoners with a compelling desire to reenter the labor market and create a new life.

About the money.

  • Critical Skills Nonprofit was started with an initial donation from Geoffrey Tumlin.
  • Annual profit contributions are made from On-Demand Leadership to Critical Skills Nonprofit.
  • On-Demand Leadership’s instructors donate their time & expertise to Critical Skills Nonprofit.
  • On-Demand Leadership’s instructors never receive fees from Critical Skills Nonprofit.