Executive Team Building

Collective strengths are powerful.

We help executive teams see how individual and group strengths are a source of enormous combined power. When people have a better understanding of their strengths and the strengths of other people in the executive team, it becomes much clearer how talents can be combined and deployed to rapidly advance organizational goals.

Pricing: $3,000 + consultant travel
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Our executive team building workshops start with the Gallup/Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment or another scientifically validated individual assessment tool. Then, we use the results to extract the strengths of each team member and the combined executive team strengths. After that, we work with the executive team to develop strategies for improving communication and collaboration within the group based on the assessment results. By the end of the session, the executive team’s individual and combined strengths much clearer and the team is in a much better position to move the organization forward.

The executive team building product is ideal for leadership teams that have recently undergone membership changes, for executive teams having difficulty working together, or for teams that want to improve their operational effectiveness. Call or email today to discuss how an executive team building experience that will bring your key leaders together.