Organizational Change Initiatives

Organizational Change Initiatives: A powerful push in the right direction.
When something’s amiss in your organization—when there’s too much fighting, too little motivation, too few results, too many good people leaving, or too many employees unresponsive to their managers—it can be hard to set it straight. You’ve got a company to run no matter what’s going on and, unfortunately, most people problems also come with a structural component (something your company is either doing or not doing) that requires resolution as well. Don’t go it alone when something’s wrong. Turn to a trusted organizational change expert instead. When your problem finally gets bad enough, it’s time for an organizational change initiative.

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When On-Demand Leadership takes on an organizational change initiative, we stick with you until the underlying problem is addressed and conditions improve. Solving the underlying or root problem is key: addressing symptoms alone will make conditions seem better temporarily, but it won’t lead to an enduring solution. At On-Demand Leadership, we’re different because we don’t tell you what you should do, and then leave you to fix an issue that you didn’t have the bandwidth to address in the first place (you are busy running the company, after all).

Change initiatives usually last between six and twelve months, but you’ll start to see organizational improvements within weeks. Although no two change initiatives are exactly the same, most initiatives proceed through five phases:

  1. Identification of the root problem. What’s the underlying problem, not just the presenting symptoms?
  2. Development of the solution. What’s a solution, and how can we ensure a critical mass of organizational supporters?
  3. Implementation. Launch the solution (this phase is measured in days and weeks).
  4. Adaptation. The changes increasingly start taking hold and shaping behaviors and actions (this phase is measured in months).
  5. Maintenance. The changes have become norms, and we work to keep it that way.

Our change consultants—all of whom have extensive business experience and doctorates in organizational disciplines—are experts at fixing the kinds of difficult problems that may have defied your previous attempts at resolution. We’re so confident we can fix your organizational problem that we don’t require a long-term contract. You’ll see and feel conditions improving almost immediately as we start attacking the root problem and implementing a longstanding solution.

That’s change you can believe in. Guaranteed.