Ethical Decision Making

Helping others be their best has never been more important. Good leaders help good people do good things, and ethical leaders help bring out the best in everyone.

On-Demand Leadership’s Ethical Decision Making class provides principles and practices to help you get a critical leg up in arriving at the right decisions, even in the face of pressure and uncertainty. Fundamentally, ODL’s Ethical Decision Making class is designed to help participants tap into their best selves, and help them be a positive spark to bring forth the good in other people. ODL’s Ethical Decision Making class also discusses recovering from ethical errors and lapses, and provides strategies for climbing back on the ethical high ground after transgressions. Ethical leaders do make mistakes, but they also extract learning from these errors and move forward without repeating the transgressions. Ethical leaders aren’t perfect, but they are constantly improving.

What are the benefits of attending an Ethical Decision Making class?

  • The ethical decisions you make as a leader will define your leadership legacy.
  • Ethical leadership is vital to living a meaningful life.
  • The person attending the training gets to think through likely ethical challenges before confronting them. This provides a crucial advantage when facing ethical dilemmas.

Who should attend an Ethical Leadership class?

  • All leaders and followers.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their ethical decision making.
  • Anyone who would like to learn how to arrive at the right decisions more frequently when under pressure.

Class formats:

  • Available in 2-day & 1-day small group workshop format.
  • Half-day or full-day unlimited capacity format.
  • Individual phone coaching also available.

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