Developing Followers

Good leaders grow other leaders all around them. On-Demand Leadership’s Developing Followers class will help you sharpen the leadership competencies of your followers and prepare them for increasing responsibilities and follow-on assignments. When the people around you feel like they are growing and stretching themselves, they will be more fulfilled, less inclined to bolt for a better job, and better able to help you succeed. Learn how to develop the leadership capacity of your subordinates with On-Demand Leadership’s Developing Followers class.

What are the benefits of attending a Developing Followers class?

  • When your followers are stronger, your own leadership effectiveness increases.
  • Increasing the capacity of your followers will make your life easier.
  • Better followers make for better teams, better projects, and better work outcomes.

Who should attend a Developing Followers class?

  1. All leaders.
  2. People who want to learn ways to increasing the leadership capacity of their followers.
  3. Anyone looking for practical ways to develop subordinates.

Class formats:

  • Available in 2-day & 1-day small group workshop format.
  • Half-day or full-day unlimited capacity format.
  • Individual phone coaching also available.

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