Building Teams

On-Demand Leadership’s Building Teams class provides you with usable tools and techniques to get the most out of the teams you are a part of, and also provides strategies to reduce the likelihood that your work teams turn in dismal performances. ODL’s teams class also covers the following seven areas:

  1. Why some teams are better than the sum of their parts…and why others fail to reach their potential;
  2. What the best teams do that other teams don’t do;
  3. When teams perform better than individuals, and when they don’t;
  4. Why individuals hold back their input, and what you can do to draw out their ideas;
  5. How to unleash creativity in your team so that you can find unconventional solutions to difficult problems;
  6. How to pursue and capture team member knowledge most effectively;
  7. Ways that effective team management can help smarten up your teams.

What are the benefits of attending a Building Teams class?

  • Some of our negotiations are extraordinarily important and consequential—think about the importance of negotiating a key contract at work, negotiating for large personal expenses like a house or a car, or negotiating a job offer.
  • We negotiate more often than we thing, at work and at home, in scenarios of widely varying degrees of importance.
  • Good negotiation skills can absolutely be taught. Experience counts, but not as much as a good plan, executed properly.

Who should attend a Building Teams class?

  1. All team leaders and team members.
  2. New organizational members or people embarking on new ventures.
  3. Anyone looking for usable tools to improve team performance.

Class formats:

  • Available in 2-day & 1-day small group workshop format.
  • Half-day or full-day unlimited capacity format.
  • Individual phone coaching also available.

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