Comprehensive Leadership Development

On-Demand Leadership designs, develops, and implements comprehensive and permanent organizational leadership development programs.

Leadership Development = Learn↔Do↔Reflect If you put learn, do, and reflect together, you’re building leaders.

During the LEARN phase, our instructors provide skills-based training to develop and strengthen core leadership competencies. This phase will teach your leaders how to motivate, communicate (inform & persuade), resolve conflict, and make decisions, among other leadership competencies. A strong educational component, LEARN, is essential to any leadership development program.

Unfortunately, most leadership programs don’t progress past the LEARN phase, even though what your leaders DO with their new skills is equally as important. And when leaders fail to REFLECT on the outcome of their leadership competencies in action, they are failing to ask the most fundamental leadership question of all: Is what I’m doing really working?

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Two additional points are worth mentioning about On-Demand Leadership’s approach to comprehensive leadership development programs. First, senior leadership support is necessary for a comprehensive leadership development program to succeed. An endorsement of support from an organization’s senior leadership is required before embarking on such a program. Second, On-Demand Leadership’s comprehensive leadership development programs provide you with everything you need—specifically, the curriculum and the process knowledge—to maintain the leadership development program on your own once the underlying system is established.

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