Want Accountability? Need Feedback


Are you tired watching your managers sidestep performance issues because they don’t want to rock the boat? Are some of your junior leaders struggling to exert their authority with strong-willed subordinates? Are you worried that, fundamentally, your company has an accountability problem? If so, prepare for some very good news.

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It’s easier than you think to solve accountability issues. That’s because accountability problems usually spring from a single—and a solvable—root cause: a company-wide aversion to negative feedback. Your accountability problem is really a feedback problem. When people get into the habit of giving and receiving timely and constructive negative feedback, your organizational accountability issues will vanish.

Unfortunately, people don’t habitually provide negative feedback. And the people who think they do are mistaken, because they’re actually criticizing. And there’s a teeny little problem with criticism: it never works, as countless experiences at work and at home should have taught us by now.

But timely feedback does work, and that’s where we come in. Give us a day to teach your people our specialized feedback techniques, and we’ll make it easier for Jesse to give Jeremy the advice he so desperately needs to improve his sales pitches. We’ll arm Sharon with workable communication strategies to respectfully confront her underperforming coworker Casey. We’ll provide your new manager Jim with deceptively simple, but powerfully effective, ways to keep old-timer Randy from acting out. And we’ll teach your quietest employee—who also happens to be your smartest employee—how to speak up more often to prevent her team of strong-willed colleagues from making mistakes that she can see coming from miles away.

The very kinds of feedback that could do so much good for your company aren’t in circulation right now. Until you fix that, accountability issues will keep eating your lunch. The good news is that it’s easier than you think to infuse a company-wide culture of accountability. When feedback becomes habitual, accountability issues disappear.

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